After appearing on Conan last night Blake Anderson continued his Dope promotional tour on a Cincinnati morning show today. Possibly stoned and definitely tired, the Workaholics star was delirious throughout his interview (watch here). Early on he was given a layup to discuss the film's plot and instead went on a weird tangent:

"You know how it is. Cincinnati, right? You know how it is, Cincinnati. We get into trouble. You know what's up. It's worldwide now. You can sell drugs over the Internet."

After more awkwardness ensues Anderson explains he just woke up. "It's like 6 o'clock over here, Jesus Christ. It's very early, and I'm very tired. You know the Warriors won the fucking championship."

Ah, there's the true explanation. The avid Bay Area fan is still turnt off that Warriors win. Despite the anchor's rampant apologies, we'd be disappointed by anything else.