A slump can be overwhelming. Things can be going so well for you, when all of the sudden a loss comes your way. And then another one. And another one. And before you even figure out what's happening, you're ice cold, and the more you try to turn things around the worse they get.

Sound like any actors you know? 

There are a bunch of stars out there—the kind of stars who get upwards of $10 million to act—who have fallen into astonishingly long losing streaks. For Johnny Depp, you can mostly chart his slump based on whenever he started exclusively doing movies that required extensive makeup. Nicole Kidman's string of Ls might have started after Tom Cruise Scientology broke up with her. Follow us down this brick-paved road, as we look at some once-great actors who have fallen on hard times and try to figure out what the hell happened—and if there's any chance of a comeback.