The year is 2015, and for a generation of 20-something year-olds, their biggest struggle is not climate change or ending world war or answering the question of how to live a meaningful life. No, in this day and age, the youngsters are worried about how to get rich and cash out with the least amount of effort, say, by becoming an DJ. Or at least, that's the world that Zac Efron's new movie We Are Your Friends paints.

The trailer for We Are Your Friends is here, and it looks like Lords of Dogtown meets Ultra Music Festival meets a maybe actually touching coming-of-age movie about making it and staying true to yourself. But will it really accomplish all that? Zac Efron plays Cole Carter, a guy who does odd jobs like fixing houses and promoting parties with his buddies. When Cole starts DJing lucrative pool parties, big guys take notice and offer him a chance to get out of Los Angeles and live for fame. It looks like a classic tale of small town angst and big dreams, but with more frat tanks and EDM.  

I don't know, we have a lot of questions. This could either flop or enjoy moderate success. Who's to say at this point? We Are Your Friends comes out in theaters this summer.