Is it a trailer for the next Fast and Furious movie? No, it's a video of two guys flying over Dubai in jetpacks. The future is here, and you're watching it on YouTube.

The video comes from Swiss adventure Yves Rossy, who makes his real-life flght look like something out of an action movie. Rossy is also known by the name "Jetman," and in 2006, he became the first man to ever fly using a jet-powered wing. In the last nine years, Rossy has flown all over the world—the English Channel, the Swiss Alps, Rio de Janeiro—and his most recent trip on video shows him soaring over Dubai.

The video is a 12-minute long look at what it's like to fly as a human. Rossy takes flight with his recent protege Vince Reffet—or "Jetman Junior."

"If you have a dream, if you have an idea, even if it's crazy, try  it," Rossy says in the video. "Flying is a really old dream for the human. We are pushing the realization of the dream one step towards [...] being a bird."

"I am not playing with death," he adds before he and Reffet fall out of their plane. "I am playing with life."

Go fullscreen and watch the flight above. 

[via Motherboard]