He is the master of going viral on Instagram, and now, he's proving himself to be a business, man. The Fat Jew is coming out with his own line of rosé, according to Page Six, which honestly seems like the logical next step for this Internet celebrity. 

His debut brand of wine will be called "White Girl," and its tagline is perfect: "This is so us." Josh Ostrovsky—aka the Fat Jew by his real name—told the New York Post he was inspired by last year's almost-shortage of rosé in the Hamptons:

“Our whole platform is ‘never again,’” he jokes. “May we never almost encounter such a f - - king travesty . . . We were right on the brink of disaster. What would’ve happened? We were running dangerously low.”

He also vowed that “White Girl” is “gluten-free . . . It’s everything-free.”

The Fat Jew: he gets you. He also told the Post where you can find it:

It will be available in the Hamptons and elsewhere in New York this summer, he said.

Ostrovsky added that some bottles will be sold “out of the trunk of my car,” and advised, “Grab a ton of it and pour it on yourself.”