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A lot of things have happened since 2009. The first ever black president of the United States finished his first term in office, and then won his reelection. There were a couple of Olympics thrown in there. We're well on our way to getting our third Spiderman. All these things, and more, have happened—and yet, for some reason, schools in a county of Tennessee were recently discovered to still have pork in their freezer from six years ago.

The trouble began when Hawkins County Commissioner, Michael Herrell, received a photo of some bad meat from one of the cooks at Joseph Primary School cafeteria. The meat turned out to be from 2009, and it was found in the cafeterias of every school in the county.

It gets worse—every school in Hawkins County (except for Joseph Primary School) actually fed that meat to their students. At Cherokee High School, another cook told Herrell they had discovered the 2009 pork roast, but that a manager instructed the cooks to serve the roast anyway, and add gravy to make it taste better.

The Hawkins County director of schools, Steve Starnes, said that they will begin doing inventory of all the school freezers (oh, now you think that's a good idea?), but he is unsure how the meat was still around from 2009. 

This has been a reminder to just always check the expiration date on everything, always.

(via WMC Action News)