Robert Durst doesn't have a good sense for when he's being recorded. Video has finally been released of the murder suspect urinating inside a CVS back in July 2014. In it you can see him whip his junk out and start to pee on the candy display at the cash register. You can also see another customer who, upon realizing what's happening, simply moves to another register because you can't let a seemingly crazy, urinating old man deter you from your shopping habits.

Durst later turned himself in and pled no contest to criminal mischief, according to KHOU. He paid a $500 fine and $7,000 in damages, which means he must have pissed on some pricey candy. His lawyer Chip Lewis told KPRC Durst had just gotten out of the hospital. "This was a medical mishap, plain and simple," he said. "He had to go and he couldn’t hold it."

But why the candy, Robert! How could you choose the candy?