CityTV News reporter, Shauna Hunt was at BMO Field to catch some of the Toronto FC home opener excitement on Sunday, and she ended up getting a lot more than she expected. While she was interviewing a fan about the game, another guy came into the shot and said, “fuck her right in the pussy.”

Instead of ignoring the comment and continuing her interview, Hunt decided to take the opportunity to ask another group of guys if they thought that comment was funny, and if they were waiting for a chance to say the same thing. One guy admits that that was exactly what he was doing.

“Seriously? You were? Can I ask why you’d want to do something like that?” Hunt asks the guy.

“I feel like it’s quite substantial,” the guy answers. Whatever that means.

Then another guy adds his two sense insisting, even after Hunt calls the comment “disrespectful and degrading to women”, that it’s a hilarious joke, and even his mom would “die laughing eventually.”

The “fuck her right in the pussy” thing started last year when a video of a guy interrupting female reporters to say it into the camera started making the rounds on the internet. At first, it was made out to be real, but it was quickly revealed to be an attempt at a viral hoax. Unfortunately, it did go viral, and people started doing it for real, much to the dismay of reporters everywhere. 

For some reason, the men who see the FHRITP comment as a joke don’t seem to realize how uncomfortable it makes female reporters. They only care about getting there 2 seconds of fame on the evening news, and don’t see it from a woman’s perspective. Not only is it disrespectful to interrupt someone trying to do their job, it’s sexual harassment. But hopefully Hunt’s willingness to confront the harassers head on will make other guys think twice before getting in on the “joke” next time.