Reese Witherspoon is here to guide you in your directionless life with the help of her lifestyle site Draper James. The actress joins fellow southern belle, Blake Lively, with her own taxidermylifestyle site Preserve

Selling lady-like clothing and overpriced monogrammed napkins, Draper James brings you the Southern charm everyone knows Witherspoon for (minus that time she ran into the cops.) Witherspoon writes on the site, 

“My grandparents taught me everything I know about gracious Southern living. From them I learned to dress and act like a lady, to take pride in my home, to reach out to help a neighbor, and to always invite everyone in for a visit.”

Draper James, a combo of her grandparents names, hopes to expose the best the south has to offer, doing so with the help of an actual store in addition to the site.