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What if the general wisdom about all healthy relationships needing transparency and compassion is total bunk and, really, you should just be pranking the shit out of your partner at every waking moment, sowing seeds of deception on a regular basis in order to get over on your partner? Oh, and filming all of it. You have to film all of it.

Jesse and Jeana, stars of the incredibly popular YouTube channel PrankvsPrank, subscribe to the latter school of thought. They've found that the best way to experience the richness of romantic love is via surprises like: You're relaxing in bed and your partner saucily climbs on top of you and then barfs on your face. (The barf is fake. This is what makes it a prank worthy of millions of views, and not grounds for divorce.)

Complex News correspondent Ally Love sat down with Jesse and Jeana at YouTube Studios in Chelsea, NYC, to explore the unusual dynamics of their relationship, how this strange practice got started, and how it's changed their lives.