Perez Hilton is a dad, again. The man behind the original celebrity gossip blog announced that he has had another baby. He shared the news with an adorable photo of his newborn baby's foot in his hand, writing, "It is with great pride and relief that I can finally announce: I am a dad again!"

Perez, who is openly gay, added that the path to another child has been "difficult," but that he and his son are "overjoyed" about this new addition to his family. He wrote, "This Mother's Day was extra blessed for me and my mother!"

When we spoke to Perez in April, he told us how fatherhood has changed him: "It’s amazing. I feel like it’s made me a lot more fearless, and also a lot more fearful at the same time." He added, "The old me would do my five-year plan, and now I have to do a ten-year plan."

"It was never a question of 'if,'" he wanted to have a baby, he said, but when. "I always knew I wanted to."

Having his first son, who was born to a surrogate mother (Perez has not publicly revealed her identity), has also made him more present.

"[My son]'s helped ground me, center me, and make me a lot more present," Perez told us. "When we’re at the playground, I’m just at the playground, and I’m having a great time with my son at the playground. It’s not like I’m constantly working and glued to my phone when I’m with him."

Perez has yet to reveal whether his new baby is a boy or a girl.