Firmly disproving the theory that he was an avid reader of Animorphs, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a lengthy list of English-language literature recovered from Osama Bin Laden's former compound in Pakistan. The New York Times describes Bin Laden's book collection "a weird hodgepodge" including "little or no recreational reading."

Instead, Bin Laden's reading habits seemed to focus on his own image and the copious amounts of conspiracy theories surrounding his own existence. For example, Bin Laden had a copy of the Michel Chossudovsky conspiratorial book America's "War on Terrorism." His tastes appeared to lean very heavily on the side of conspiracy, including several books on Illuminati and Freemasonry theories.

The book collection, declassified on Wednesday, was recovered when a Navy SEAL team stormed the compound in 2011.



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