Good news, fellow caffeine-addled tweekers. A new study published by the Public Library of Science suggests that drinking roughly two to three cups of coffee per day may greatly reduce the risk of developing erectile dysfunction. The data was culled from an analysis of dietary information from the 3,724 men participating in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

Though the study makes special note of the findings as "evidence of a trend," the numbers are impressive — apparently leading to future studies with these figures in mind. For example, those of us bravely pounding between 171 and 303mg of the good stuff per day are actively reducing the risk of erectile dysfunction by an impressive 39 percent. As for sporadic coffee drinkers and the outright caffeine-limited, don't consider yourself among the privileged. Those embarrassingly only consuming 7mg of caffeine (or less) per day are reducing the risk of erectile dysfunction by an underwhelming 1 percent.

More than 85 percent of American males consume caffeine on a regular basis, many of them likely inspired by this remarkable David Lynch coffee commercial.