Uber is working on being everywhere—the ride-sharing startup is now in 53 countries and almost 200 cities in North America. If you live in New York, San Francisco, or any other major city, chances are you've already used it—if you haven't, chances are you're getting there. It's pretty simple, convenient, and arguably cheaper than a cab.

But even so, every time you hop in an Uber, you never know who you'll get as a driver: a chatterbox, an AUX cord hog, or someone you already know. What if you could know what all those rides felt like (although, let's be real, you've probably experienced some yourself)?

There's a Twitter bot that does that. Created by data scientist extraordinaire Hilary Mason, My Uber Driver scourges Twitter for tweets about uber drivers and RTs them for all to see. The results are a mix of hilarious, relatable, and sometimes, highly questionable.

We rounded up some of the best ones—you can follow @myuberdriverbot for a closer look at the human condition in 2015: