Uber is working on being everywhere—the ride-sharing startup is now in 53 countries and almost 200 cities in North America. If you live in New York, San Francisco, or any other major city, chances are you've already used it—if you haven't, chances are you're getting there. It's pretty simple, convenient, and arguably cheaper than a cab.

But even so, every time you hop in an Uber, you never know who you'll get as a driver: a chatterbox, an AUX cord hog, or someone you already know. What if you could know what all those rides felt like (although, let's be real, you've probably experienced some yourself)?

There's a Twitter bot that does that. Created by data scientist extraordinaire Hilary Mason, My Uber Driver scourges Twitter for tweets about uber drivers and RTs them for all to see. The results are a mix of hilarious, relatable, and sometimes, highly questionable.

I'd like to thank my uber driver for getting me where I am today

— Nesrin Danan (@blackprints_) May 22, 2015

Pretty sure my uber driver thinks he's a formula 1 racer but drives like a #fuqboi

— Michael Wideburg (@shagandbigfoot) May 22, 2015

We rounded up some of the best ones—you can follow @myuberdriverbot for a closer look at the human condition in 2015:

My uber driver just did the whip while driving and instead of being concerned I was really really impressed.

— Brittany Furlan (@BrittanyFurlan) May 23, 2015

@Truentyena my uber driver is talking to me about how he's bad at everything he tries. It's super awk

— Cute Wuffie (@CuteWuffie) May 22, 2015

I asked my uber driver one question and he won't stop talking now. It's too early for this.

— Alex. (@sassyqueenAlex) May 23, 2015

"@belllism: My uber driver does not know how to get to the airport @Uber hmmmm"#ubered

— robtx4 (@robtx41) May 23, 2015

my uber driver just told me to “wake him up when we’re there”

— Cody Ko (@codyk) May 23, 2015

my uber driver sucked

— tabitha (@TKIMMM) May 22, 2015

My uber driver is straight up blaring trap music right now wtf. It's like 10 am dude chill 😅

— Brandon Hoover (@BrandonCTE) May 22, 2015

"@fox25news is like coffee in the morning, you've just got to have it" - my uber driver #yay!

— Brianna Hollis (@BriHollis) May 22, 2015

Just asked my uber driver for life advice, yep its come to that

— Tanya Milam (@tanyamilam) May 22, 2015

My uber driver has been talking about money laundering for the last 20 minutes.

— Kyle Wheelock (@kunittt) May 21, 2015

Every uber driver sees my name and HAS to bring up Israel and Palestine. And I'm like shit Im tired man just take me home.

— Eslam daaaamn (@EslamDaoud) May 21, 2015

My American gov professor is currently my uber driver.... Whaaattt

— assian (@emsbari) May 20, 2015