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Emojis are now racially diverse, but do they really say what you're feeling? In the latest update to new operating system Windows 10, Microsoft adds a sorely needed emoji to the mix: the middle finger emoji.

You'll only be able to see the expressive emoji if you run Windows 10 on your phone, tablet, or laptop. If you see a little box right here, 🖕, then the operating system you're using doesn't support the PO'd emoji.

Apple, Google, and other tech companies have chosen to keep the emoji out of the ones offered on their products, even though the Unicode Consortium added the middle finger emoji—titled "reverse hand with middle finger extended"—last year. The decision to exclude the emoji was probably made in an effort to keep things PC, but let's be real—when has that ever stopped anyone?

While Apple, Google and even Instagram continue to police your emoji options, Microsoft wants to give you free range to express yourself—the middle finger emoji will be available in five different skin tones, as well as grey, which is Microsoft's race-neutral option. 

[via Emojipedia]