As your Google alerts have surely informed you, there's quite the Mad Men theory circulating that involves the mysterious D.B. Cooper — the perpetrator of the only unsolved plane-related robbery in U.S. history. In 1971, Cooper (an alias, but the only known name of the individual) hijacked a Boeing 727 somewhere between Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington, then extorted $200,000 and escaped via parachute. Despite a thorough investigation, 'D.B. Cooper' was never found.

Two years ago, writer Lindsey Green posted a Mad Men theory on Medium positing Don Draper as the eventual D.B. Cooper. Her evidence was convincing enough, and in the two years since has remained entirely unshaken. During his Conan visit, Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner addresses the recently revived theory directly. "I'm not going to dismiss it because I want people to watch the show," Weiner tells Conan, "but the strangest theory I hear is this D.B. Cooper theory." Weiner adds that, to him, "all police sketches of white guys without mustaches look like Jon Hamm," undermining a central tenant of Green's theory — physical resemblance.

Weiner was also kind enough to gift Conan with an exclusive 'clip' from the soon-to-make-me-cry Mad Men finale, which you can stream above.