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The man who filmed Freddie Gray's arrest by Baltimore police has also been recorded, officials say. 

According to the New York Daily News, Kevin Moore captured Gray's arrest on his camera last month. The Daily News adds that Moore, the one who said officers folded Gray up like "a piece of origami," was arrested with along with Tony White and Chad Jackson last night:

Photography is Not a Crime reports authorities took Moore into custody at gunpoint during a traffic stop. He was released two hours later.

Furthermore, the Daily News adds that Moore told Photography is Not a Crime that he believed the Baltimore Police Department was trying to intimidate him: 

They plastered my face all over the Internet like (they) don’t know who I am when (they) very well know who I am, Moore told Photography is Not a Crime after his arrest.

While the charges against Moore, Jackson, and White remain unclear, the Baltimore Sun noted that Moore was sought by Baltimore police. Meanwhile, all of the officers involved in Gray's arrest and subsequent death have been charged

[via New York Daily News and Baltimore Sun]