The first trailer for Magic Mike XXL was all about the beefcake—Channing Tatum dry-humping a power tool, Joe Manganiello faux-ejaculating out of a Poland Spring bottle, and so on. This new second trailer is also that—at one point Jada Pinkett-Smith​'s character says, "We gon' see if he's still got some magic... in that mike," which is another way to say, "We gon' see if he can still get boners"—but it does lay out a little bit of the plot too. And it kind of reminds me of Glee?

Underneath all the prurience that comes with the world of male stripping, I'm catching some talk about this convention happening in Myrtle Beach? And then Channing's all like, we gotta think of new routines for this convention? Sub in "regionals" for "convention" and THAT'S LITERALLY EVERY EPISODE OF GLEE.

Not that any of that really matters—people (read: women) will be happy as long as there's a lot of this in the sequel: