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Today David Wildstein plead guilty for his role in the Washington Bridge scandal. That name probably isn't familiar to you, which is why The New York Times referred to him as "Christie ally," as in an ally of Chris Christie, in both its tweets and headline. This was too confusing for Twitter, as many users thought actress Kirstie Alley was the one in trouble. This led to her name becoming a trending topic. 

Breaking News: Christie Ally Expected to Plead Guilty in New Jersey Bridge Lane Closings

— The New York Times (@nytimes) May 1, 2015

I somehow knew Kirstie Alley was behind this. You can't trust those Scientologists!

— F'D in Park Slope (@effedparkslope) May 1, 2015

Thought this said "Kirstie Alley"

— Rusty Foster (@rustyk5) May 1, 2015

Kirstie Alley to plead guilty…

— Roy Stanfield (@RoyStanfield) May 1, 2015

"What does Kirstie Alley have to do with #bridgegate?" Best push alert fail that wasn't really a fail ever, @nytimes.

— Jenny Earl (@jenearlyspeakin) May 1, 2015

Alley herself tweeted at The Times for help clearing the air. The paper's headline has been changed, but the tweet is still out there pegging Alley as guilty to people who don't know how to spell her name. She's taking her unwarranted notoriety with a great sense of humor, though. 

Dear @nytimes , your GW Bridge scandal headline "Christie Ally" to plead guilty, is now trending as "Kirstie Alley" to plead ..HELP !!!!

— Kirstie Alley (@kirstiealley) May 1, 2015

Gotta say Im kinda lovin my power right now ... I can add "Major Bridge Closer Downer" to my resume

— Kirstie Alley (@kirstiealley) May 1, 2015

Anyone interested in staying in Italy for free? I just closed it down... Be my guests :)

— Kirstie Alley (@kirstiealley) May 1, 2015

This is just another case of a classic mixup.