On Tuesday, Kim Kardashian released her new book Selfish, a 448-page "autobiography" that chronicles the reality TV star's life through selfies. To promote the book's release, Kim K. staged a signing for fans at the Barnes & Noble in Midtown Manhattan. The event drew an enormous line of people on 46th Street, many of whom began lining up more than 15 hours in advance. As we leaned later in the day, however, some of those people had no interest in getting a book signed.

Shortly after the event began, Kim was confronted by a group of anti-fur protesters. (Like her husband, Kim wears fur.) After the group was kicked out of Barnes & Noble, they set up on the street, which pitted them directly across the sidewalk from some of Kim's biggest fans. It was a surreal scene and Complex News was there for all of it. Check it out.