On the latest episode of Keeping Up With the Outrage Machine, Khloe Kardashian wore a niqab, a traditional cloth worn in public by Muslim women that covers the face. Khloe posted an admittedly glamorous selfie this morning in the Muslim garb and on cue, people got very angry about it:

That's just a taste of the outrage pouring out of Twitter and Instagram in response to Khloe's photo. Believe us—or don't, you can read all 12,029 comments (as of publish time) on the picture here. And honestly, all it takes is one look to see why this picture is causing some issues. Wearing an article of clothing loaded with cultural and religious meaning for the sake of a selfie, quite possibly the most superficial thing in existence, screams appropriation and insensitivity. A niqab is a part of Muslim culture—not a fashion statement.

But there's one important thing that's been left out so far, and that the Outrage Machine seems to be unaware of: Khloe is in Dubai.

With that in mind, you could argue that Khloe's merely adhering to the cultural mores of the country she's currently visiting. As one, more measured commenter noted on Khloe's Instagram, "She is being respectful as she is in Dubai... and we should just appreciate her respect." After all, you can't get angry at a celebrity for showing skin in a mosque, and then ALSO freak out when a different celebrity respectfully covers up.

So where do you side? Was Khloe out of line or is the Outrage Machine once again too riled up?