A woman was sentenced to walk 30 miles in 48 hours this week in Ohio as a punishment for skipping out on her cab fare. She had a choice between that, or spending 30 days in jail. 

The cab ride in question was from Cleveland to Painesville, Ohio—30 miles—but Victoria Bascom claims that when she was dropped off, there were others in the cab and she believed one of them would pay the fare. 

In court, Judge Michael Cicconetti asked Bascom what she would if she couldn't take a cab.

"Walk," she said. 

"So I think it's only appropriate that you walk the 30 miles," he responded.

Bascom was given 48 hours to complete the walk; Cicconetti suggested doing 40 laps around the Lake County Fairgrounds. (He also  said that the court would track her movements with GPS.)

That same day, Cicconetti asked another woman in his court who had maced someone in a Burger King if she would rather spend 30 days in jail, or be maced. 

There was just water in the can—no mace—but the punishment was supposed to be the "fear of it." Cicconetti, who is sometimes called "Creative Cicconetti," told WKYC he wouldn't do anything illegal. Well, that's comforting. 

[via People and WKYC]