Okay, just follow me on this one. I know on first glance Jaden Smith is a black 16-year-old savant rapper/actor and Joss Whedon is the white 50-year-old writer/director of both Avengers movies and creator of TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, but there may be more to this story.

Here's my proof—these two things happened yesterday, seemingly simultaneously:


They both left Twitter on May 4.

Who's to say a wormhole wasn't opened when Jaden Smith was born, implanting the soul of Joss Whedon into the child? If there was anyone who was going to figure out spiritual transfusion, it'd be rumored Scientologist and father of Jaden, Will Smith, right? And this theory would also kill two birds with one stone, explaining both why Jaden is so precocious, loquacious, and interested in science fiction and how Joss has been so adept at wrapping his mind around the crowded plots of the Avengers films. I'd be able to understand Ultron too if I were simultaneously living in two bodies.

And let me just leave you with one more thing. Joss Whedon said this: "All the money in the world means just one thing: spaceships," and then Jaden Smith wore this:

 Case closed.