Johnny Depp's dogs have beat the race against the clock with their lives on the line. Earlier this week Australia's Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce warned Pistol and Boo could be euthanized if they didn't leave the country within 50 hours, accusing Depp of smuggling the dogs into the country illegally. Fortunately, Depp sent Pistol and Boo on a plane bound to America and away from certain death. 

"Two dogs that were brought into Australia without meeting our import requirements have now been exported back to their country of origin," said in a statement on the matter that's taken up an absurd amount of his time. "A Department of Agriculture officer has escorted the two dogs from the property in Queensland, where they had been held under quarantine order, to the airport for their flight home." 

The saga of Pistol and Boo isn't over, however. Apparently Depp put them on a plane without notifying American authorities. "Technically, if they absconded [without] the proper process of authorization in leaving the States, does the U.S. recognize that they’re here?" Joyce said. "They’re stateless dogs."

Woah, stateless dogs. What a horror. PROTECT PISTOL AND BOO AT ALL COSTS.