A Washington high school teacher has been arrested for carrying out a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old. 

According to KOMO, 26-year-old Jessica Fuchs, a science teacher at Bainbridge Island High School in Bainbridge, Wash., was taken into custody last week following an investigation which lasted for over two months. The investigation began after the boy's mother learned of the relationship and phoned police.

Fuchs had reportedly been on administrative leave since the end of February, and KOMO adds that her disappearance created suspicion among the student body: 

The students at Bainbridge knew something was coming ever since first-year teacher Fuchs just disappeared from class last February with no explanation.

All of a sudden one day she was gone and we were like what happened? said senior Parker Taylor.

Court documents secured by KOMO reveal that Fuchs and the boy exchanged emails and texts, and that Fuchs sent a video of herself masturbating to the teen. What's more, Fuchs husband also reportedly walked in on her performing oral sex on the teen in their home. KOMO adds that the teen is no longer enrolled at Bainbridge Island High School. 

In addition to being charged with first-degree sexual misconduct, Fuchs also faces charges for tampering with a witness, as texts sent to the boy reveal that she tried to convince him to "lie like [he] NEVER lied before" to police.

[via KOMO]