The first Jem and the Holograms trailer is here and it's...well, truly not outrageous at all. The live-action adaptation of the beloved '80s cartoon (and popular Hasbro doll) gives the story a modern spin, with our titular Jem (played by Audrey Peeples) becoming a viral YouTube sensation. It's a life-changing moment that transforms the unknown Jerrica Benton into her celebrity alter-ego (much like how this cult TV show will get mainstream eyeballs thanks to a big studio release). As unsensational as this trailer is, we're still itching to see how Jem translates to the big screen. The Jon M. Chu-directed film, also starring Juliette Binoche, Molly Ringwald, and Ryan Guzman, hits theaters on Oct. 23, but here are some other outrageously awesome girl-band films you need to see beforehand.