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It, the 1990 horror movie that pretty much raised having a fear of clowns to public consciousness, is getting a two-part reboot. Now, according to Collider, we know who is playing Pennywise, the demented clown at the center of the film. Will Poulter, the son from We're The Millers, is in talks to play the wisecracking villian, and we can see why. (I mean, just look at the arch in those eyebrows. Menacing.)

If you're not familiar with the story behind It, here's the context: It was first a novel by master of fright Stephen King, about a shape-shifting entity known as Pennywise the Dancing Clown, or simply, It. Pennywise stalks and tries to kill a group of young kids by taking on the form of their worst fears—hence the whole clown shtick. The novel was so popular, it became a movie, which is being rebooted by True Detective director, Cary Fukunaga

Playing a straight-up monster will be new for Poulter, but something tells us he's got what it takes to pull it off. According to sources who spoke to Variety, Fukunaga was blown away by Poulter's audition, and since he wants Pennywise to be younger in this movie, he thinks Poulter is perfect for the role.

Okay, but seriously, all you need to do is look at his eyebrows and you know dude is ready.