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Have you ever wished your favorite The Simpsons characters could come to life? No, right, that'd be totally scary? Well, this isn't quite on that level—Nancy Cartwright, the woman who has voiced Bart Simpson for 25 years, made a sculpture of Bartman, Bart's alter-ego, and the higher ups at Fox were so pleased with it, they decided to put it in front of the Newscorp building on permanent display.

Cartwright said in her interview with the Associated Press that she made the sculpture as a gift for Fox. 

"I didn't want to go Picasso, I wanted to make it on model, as they say," she said on how she went about making the sculpture. "And I finished it up and showed it to the right people and had an idea. I just really did it as a gift to Fox."

"Joe Earley from way up to, the COO, said, I love this, I just love, I can't believe you did it, let's do something with it," she told the AP. They decided to use the statue to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Simpsons, which was last December.

You can watch the statue get unveiled above, and see it in real life in front of the Newscorp Building in New York.