The FBI will look into the claim that Amtrak train 188 was hit by something prior to its crash on Tuesday night. The incident left eight people dead, and upwards of 200 injured.

The Washington Post reports that, per the National Transportation Safety Board, an unidentified assistant conductor aboard the train recalled hearing the engineer tell another train's engineer that something had struck the train just prior to it crashing. According to the Post, this triggered the investigation: 

NTSB member Robert Sumwalt said investigators found damage to the left-hand side of the train’s windshield and had called on the FBI to inspect it because of that agency’s forensic expertise. The FBI was expected to begin the analysis Friday night, he said.

ABC News reports that engineer Brandon Bostian spoke with investigators on Friday, explaining that his last memory before impact was ringing the train's bell as it passed through North Philadelphia. According to ABC News, he said nothing about a conversation with another engineer. 

Meanwhile, ABC Philadelphia reports that it has secured a police scanner call about a SEPTA train that was struck by an object the same night as the crash.

[via Washington Post , ABC Philadelphia and ABC News]

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