We're just weeks away from the Entourage movie, aka the biggest bro moment of summer 2015. And what would the ultimate broment be without a couple of porn stars going down on each other?

Porn stars Spencer Scott and Anna Morna were cast for the scene in which their mouths were too busy for speaking, but director Doug Ellin insists he didn't know they were professionals. Had he known, it wouldn't have been a problem. Jesse JaneDevon and Teagan Presley made a past appearance, and Sasha Grey was pivotal to the seventh season of the show. 

Scott told The Hollywood Reporter all about the scene that took 10 hours to film. 

It took "a million takes," she said. "I think [the crew] were really enjoying that day." And somehow gigantic boobs were a liability instead of an asset. "[The director] kept saying my boobs were really distracting," Scott said. "He kept trying to reposition me — he didn't want them to be so in-your-face."

Ellin says he was uncomfortable during the scene and added, "Had I known they were porn stars, I probably would have been more confident."

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