As the debate over what exactly would be a fitting tribute for David Letterman's Late Show finale continues, we now have another option worth considering — nudity with a diminished audience. During a PBS interview with Charlie Rose on Thursday, Conan O'Brien expressed a playful surrender to the fact that no one will be paying any attention to him or the two Jimmys on the night of Dave's sendoff. "I'll be naked that night," Conan smirked to Rose. "In tribute to Dave, I'm going to show an episode of Kimmel."

For those keeping score, Jimmy Kimmel will be airing a rerun the night of Letterman's final Late Show, while Jimmy Fallon will march forward with a new episode. As Conan notes in the Rose interview, his TBS show actually airs slightly ahead of Letterman — a placement Conan plans to utilize with a comedian's grace. "What I'd like to do is say something nice about David Letterman that comes from the heart," Conan said. "If there's nine people watching and I get eight of them [to turn the channel to the Late Show finale], then I've been successful."

According to Jerry Seinfeld, the classy way to honor an exiting legend is to simply air a test pattern or some form of dead air. AMC appears to have taken note, at least — recently announcing that their sister networks will be going dark during this Sunday's Mad Men finale.