Chrissy Teigen, the supermodel who doesn't act like one, has a stunning photo shoot in this summer's issue of DuJour magazine. The magazine profiled Chrissy and husband John Legend for their cover story—and it confirms everything we suspected about the bombshell couple. Yes, they are perfect together; yes, they're deeply, totally in love; and yes, John is as huge a nerd as Chrissy makes him out to be. And it's easy to tell she adores him for it:

“They’re an intriguing couple,” says Sybil Dessau, a TV producer and one of Teigen and Legend’s closest friends. Legend, who at 36 still describes himself as shy, started college at the University of Pennsylvania at 16. As a 4’11”, 12-year-old high school freshman, he had been nicknamed Doogie Howser. Teigen has lovingly morphed the moniker into “Googie Browser,” a reference to her husband’s fondness for Google.

The couple that bares all on social media doesn't hold back in this interview, either—they talk about marriage, fans who cross lines, and having babies—lots of them—some day. "I’ll be pregnant the rest of my life,” says Chrissy. The magazine says that's partly what inspired Chrissy to pose nude for the photo shoot in one photo on the beach. We've got a censored version above—get the real thing (and read the profile if, you know, that matters to you) here.

She looks amazing—although Chrissy admits that she isn't perfect. Homegirl really isn't afraid to let her freak flag fly and just be herself:

Teigen, meanwhile, has the sharp tongue of a comedian and an obsession with Taco Bell. She loves Nintendo and performing magic tricks. “Chrissy contradicts what you’d expect a model to be. She likes to eat, she likes to speak and she likes to be controversial,” says Dessau. “She’s not a wallflower, and she’s unapologetic about it.”

Never change, Chrissy.