Cate Blanchett stars in Carol, a movie about a married store clerk who falls in love with a younger employee. The movie debuts at Cannes this week, but was stalled in development for 15 years—can you guess why? The two employees are women. 

Blanchett, who stars opposite Rooney Mara, is asked in an interview with Variety if this is her first time playing a lesbian—to which Blanchett offers, "On film—or in real life?"

Smiling "coyly," Blanchett doesn't seem particularly flustered by the question or hesitant to answer—although she doesn't give many details. When Variety "pressed for details," she simply says that, yes, she'd had relationships with women "many times." (So in case you were wondering, yeah, she could probably steal your girl.)

In the movie, Carol never really comes out of the closet—and Blanchett, who is married to Andrew Upton, doesn't feel like she has to "rely" on labels either. "I’ve never thought about it," she tells Variety, "I don't think Carol thought about it."

She even offers, "I think there are a lot of people that exist like that who don’t feel the need to shout things from the rafters."

There you have it. Everyone chill—it's the 21st century.