David Ayer’s Suicide Squad continues its moonlit filming on the streets of Toronto. While we’ve had a few sneak peeks of Jared Leto’s Joker, plane crashes and the even the brand new Batmobile, last night's onlookers may have gotten the juiciest preview yet.

After filming was deemed unsafe due to the crowds along Yonge Street, the film crew agreed to let Police slowly escort the Batmobile down the street for pictures, on the condition bystanders agree to go home afterwards. After the Batmobile's appearance and most of the crowd of spectators dispersed, late night filming featured Batman himself clinging onto the hood of his archenemy’s car. While the dark knight's suit was being borrowed by a stunt double, hopefully this means we’ll see Ben Affleck make an appearance in the near future. We'll have to wait an entire year to see Suicide Squad in theaters, but in the meantime, social media continues to capture great teaser footage.