The decades-old tradition of running the great American press gauntlet sounds insane on paper, particularly the bizarre practice —  perpetuated by publications and well-meaning fans alike — of asking willing, weary participants the same questions over and over again, ad infinitum. The wiser ones often skip the vast sea of middlemen by taking announcements, clarifications, and general promotion straight to Twitter and Instagram.

Aziz Ansari, just weeks away from releasing his first book entitled Modern Romance, decided to answer — in detail via a self-described "nice huge Twitter rant" — a question he's surely received in droves surrounding the press cycle for Modern Romance:

 Modern Romance stealthily raises the comedic bar starting June 16. Additionally, a forthcoming Netflix series centered around Ansari was recently announced — with a possible unveiling later this year.

Life after Parks & Recreation is clearly a treat — just ask this guy.