If I went outside right now and asked ten people who Jeremy Piven is, and then asked them who Ari Gold is, I'm positive more people would know the answer to the second question. And I bet a majority of those ten people wouldn't know that Jeremy Piven is the dude who plays Ari Gold.

Ahead of the Entourage movie, which hits theaters on June 3, and in promotion of an advice book "written by Ari Gold" called The Gold Standard: Rules to Live By, Piven has finally gone full-Gold, as Matt Lauer found out this morning when Gold/Piven dropped an S-bomb on live TV during the Today show. Watch the video above and check out Lauer's face when Gold/Piven talks about the advice he gave Charlie Sheen: "I said to him, 'You're crazier than a shit-house rat.'" 

To be fair though, Piven/Gold has been warning people about this uncensored attitude. Like, a lot:

To be honest, I'm stunned it took so long for this to finally happen.