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You might have already known that most crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo don't allow porn-related campaigns. Still, it's a little surprising the very profitable world of adult film hasn't started its own site yet. In two days, CumFundMe will be live—a crowdfunding site for "performers, directors, models, dancers, inventors, etc.” who can “raise funds for just about anything: cosmetic surgeries, emergencies, production cost, film idea,s sex (sic) toy inventions, school tuition, etc.”

Campaigns have a history of getting yanked just because they're associated with the industry: one cam performer's crowdfunding campaign for pay medical bills for a life-threatening illness was pulled from WePay because of her work. Another was cancelled for trying to raise money for a legal campaign against anti-prostitution law in California.

"I felt like it's discrimination towards adult entertainers and the other people involve[d] just because of their line of business. So that's where the idea stem[s] from," said CumFundMe founder Ricky Booker. "I wanted to make a change and give the adult entertainment industry a home to raise funds for their causes without out getting revoked or looked down on because of their career.”

The site goes live on Monday, but you can sign up for email updates here should you be so inclined.