Chocolate chip cookie spaceships, puppets eating asparagus, and lots of veggie puns—the new Avengers parody from the fuzzy friends at Sesame Street has everything in it. 

In a clip called "The AVeggies: Age of Bon Bon," the Sesame Street characters play veggie versions of the Marvel superheroes: Onion Man, Captain Ameri-Cauliflower, Black Bean Widow, Mighty Corn, Zucchin-Eye, and Dr. Brownie (played by the notorious sweet tooth Cookie Monster, of course). 

Together, the crew battles an evil villain in the sky who wants to get rid of all the healthy vegetables on Earth by zapping them into cotton candy and cookie pieces. I mean, that's cool, but they could have left a couple of the bad guy's deserts lying around, that wouldn't have been the worst thing in the world. Anyway, the clip ends as most things on Sesame Street end: with the Cookie Monster getting super hangry and eating a gigantic flying cookie. We understand, dude.

Watch the video above—the whole thing is almost as good as when the Avengers went on 'Family Feud'. Almost.