Voting is important, obviously. But the way the first past the post system works, if you live in a constituency where one party has traditional a very large majority, your vote isn’t likely to effect the outcome.

That’s where VoteSwap comes in. The Labour and Green Party have different policies, but they have one shared aim—the remove the Conservatives from office. The site allows voters to pledge to swap their vote. “If you’re a Green in a Labour target seat you can pledge to vote Labour to keep a Tory out. In return a Labour supporter in a seat that Labour is unlikely to win or lose pledges to vote Green, ‘lending’ their vote to a seat where it will make a difference. The national vote share does not change, but the number of Tory MPs goes down.”

When you enter your post code or constituency, it tells you if your vote is likely to be crucial. If you live in a safe majority, you can then register for the Vote Swap.

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