DARPA, the shadowy government organization responsible for the development of everything from battlefield robots to remote controlled animals has finally begun incorporating one of the most ubiquitous mainstays of modern life in a military application.

iPads are now being used by the US Marine Corp in conjunction with DARPA to use wearable tablets to coordinate where missiles and bombs should be fired from aircrafts at targets on the ground.   The Persistent Close-Air Support program run by DARPA allowed marines to successfully launch a griffin missile from an aircraft to a downed target on the ground. The iPad interface allowed the marines to guide the launched missile thanks largely to laser guidance and human pilot cohesion. The tablets use software the military adorably refers to as KILSWITCH, which is short for Kinetic Integrated Low-cost Software Integrated Tactical Combat Handheld. Now Marines will be able to rain death down from above and finish leveling up in Kim Kardashian's Hollywood