30 Rock's Tracy Jordan repressed his memory of watching a prostitute stab a clown, but Tracy Morgan apparently has no quarrels with sex workers. Former Saturday Night Live castmate Horatio Sanz was on Kevin Pollak's podcast this week and told the story of the time Morgan got to host the SNL after-after party. 

Here's the entire tale of the wild night:

"He rented a floor at this building right across from ground zero. I mean, we couldn’t look directly into the footprint of the former World Trade Center, but we were about a block away from the late Twin Towers.

"The party was fine, but he had these bars set up and he literally hired prostitutes. I’ve never hired prostitutes before because it was never my intention to get us f*cked after a long show.

"So he brought in some prostitutes and I just remember, you know, of course, I stayed. I think I was the last one to leave. I just remember that decent people — like Will Ferrell and Ana Gasteyer — would just come into the bar and do a complete 360. Like, 'yep! OK! Good enough!'

"And then, you know, [later], the guy who tunes guitars would say, 'Yeah! I gotta blow job at that party!'"

Classic Tracy Morgan.