A software and technology company called Potbotics is developing a new product that's "focused on the elevating cannabis to higher standards," according in their CEO David Goldstein. It's called BrainBot, and it's an EEG software that can recommend the best strain of weed for you based on your brain activity.

Here's how it works: BrainBot is a wireless medical-grade helmet that "can take an EEG analysis, send it to cloud services, and analyze it for certain indicators," according to a report by Fast Company. That analysis would result in "personalized cannabis recommendations" — the way Spotify recommends bands you might like based on your previous listening behavior. 

Potbotics co-founder (and David's father) Baruch Goldstein brings the medical background necessary to make this happen: he previously worked with cognition tests for pre-Alzheimer's patients. 

Don't get too excited though — right now, the product is only "suitable for people with neurological disorders, like epilepsy or Alzheimer's," says the Fast Company profile. But Goldstein "imagines that it could be combined with muscle sensors, EKGs, and other tests to help people with different diseases."