During the same Tribeca Film Festival discussion that yielded the George Lucas admission that he would never watch Star Wars on a phone or a computer, audience members were also gifted with a fair share of Stephen Colbert's distinctive blend of hilarity and sincerity.

According to Deadline, Lucas playfully confronted Colbert during the pair's obviously Lucas-centered Tribeca Talk regarding Jon Stewart's Daily Show throne by coolly asking "Don't you think the perfect choice to replace that Jon Stewart fella would have been you?" After a perfectly brief pause, Colbert said "I was on at 11:30 PM, I'm moving to 11:35 PM. I'll have an extra cup of coffee to stay up five minutes."

Colbert also big upped Daily Show throne inheritor Trevor Noah, calling the briefly controversial comedian a "very funny guy." Returning to Lucas's original question, Colbert expressed nothing but gratitude and respect for Jon Stewart's empire of satire. "I don't want to be the guy who takes over for Jon Stewart," Colbert said. "[He's] the keenest, most intelligent, most beautifully deconstructive mind — the clearest thinker I ever worked for. I would never get underneath his shadow."

Colbert and his extra cup of coffee will take over Late Show on September 8th.