Don Lemon is kind of the worst. The CNN anchor embarrasses himself and us when he does things like, ask a Muslim human rights lawyer if he supports ISIS, or ask a Bill Cosby accuser why she didn't stop him with her teeth. His whole thing about respectability politics is backwards and dismissive of larger issues, which is sad considering that he could be a force for good as a big-time media personality. But there is some silver lining in the train wreck that is Don Lemon—for example, like the fact that he might not have known how to pronounce the word "sorbet."

In the opening scene of Taffy Brodesser-Anker's GQ profile of the conservative news anchor, the two are getting dessert when Lemon tells the writer that the cool treat is #actually pronounced "sorbette." He's absolutely positive, though Brodesser-Anker isn't. Lemon convinces her, and for a moment, they both live in a reality where the icy treat is pronounced "sorbette." Of course, when the waiter comes, he tells Lemon that it's actually pronounced "sor-bay." 

We could've told you that, but thank goodness for Brodesser-Anker for ordering dessert and capturing this moment. Lemon so often says things that don't make sense (like when he asked if a black hole could explain how Flight MH370 disappeared) — this is just another example of how you don't have to listen to him.