HBO's post-Game of Thrones comedy block returns this Sunday with Veep and Silicon Valley. While Veep is heading into its fourth season in perfect comedic stride, Silicon Valley will follow up an uneven, if promising, start with its sophomore effort. Though not every episode is brilliant comedy, the tech industry satire has hit the mark thus far. And as tech companies emerge as some of the country's most important corporations, and industry leaders become increasingly prominent on the national stage, we need this satire more than ever.

Throughout the show's first season, Silicon Valley took jabs at the most ridiculous aspects of tech culture. Sometimes the writers simply pulled events from the pages of Valleywag and Gizmodo and plopped them into the scripts basically unchanged. This was often all they had to do because so many real life events in the tech world are too ridiculous to believe. Here's how Silicon Valley Perfectly Captures Everything We Hate About Tech Culture.