HBO is everything right now. Their only real competition might be AMC, but even the zombie-heavy titans of the Golden Age of TV couldn't land the Sarah Jessica Parker comeback that fans of Sex and the City (see: me and you and everyone we know) have been waiting on since 2004. To be fair, comeback is entirely the wrong word — the bright star of Sarah Jessica Parker hasn't waned even a little bit in the ten years since Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda moved from television to cinema. However, the homerun ability of the Parker / HBO duo can't be understated in the slightest.

Though we started hearing whisperings of a new Parker / HBO collaboration entitled Divorce in December of last year, nothing was officially confirmed until an announcement from HBO on Thursday. According to EW, Parker will play Frances, a woman considering divorce but overwhelmed with the consequences and complications therein.

Divorce begins shooting later this year.