Not everyone is as fortunate as Beck — the staunch Scientologist with nary a related PR smear on his public record. Despite his allegiance to L. Ron Hubbard and company, Beck remains unequivocally Beck and — more often than not — we all forget he even engages in such shenanigans. Art speaks louder than words, indeed.

On the other end of the When Good Cults Go Bad spectrum, we have John Travolta and John Travolta's foot, firmly in mouth. Somewhere in the middle of these two polarities rests Tom Cruise, ageless hero of American pop culture and incidental protector of the Mission: Impossible legacy no one ever thought would exist. According to a new interview with People, Russell Crowe befriended Cruise during the Cruise/Kidman years and became close enough with the pair to actually consider Scientology a possibility for his own life.

"We were spending a bit of time together," Crowe tells People, "so I thought I'd find out a little bit about what he was into." Leave it to Russell Crowe to speak matter-of-factly about a cult that's reportedly ruining lives as we speak. Crowe adds that he watched a Scientology DVD (presumably Introduction to Dianetics, which I give a solid D+) but that it "wasn't that informative."

Thankfully, Crowe says he never committed to Scientology or any other religion cult and will hopefully remain the same religion-free cult-free Russell Crowe we've called our own since Virtuosity (look it up).