Robert Durst is currently sitting inside a Louisiana jail, where he's awaiting extradition to Los Angeles on murder charges and is apparently sending letters. The Los Angeles Times received a letter claiming to be from Durst that appears to be legitimate. His attorney told the newspaper Durst has been writing letters to people and that he's cool with it as long as he doesn't discuss anything about the pending trial. He also said the handwriting appears to be Durst's but does not look like the letter discovered in The Jinx

In the letter Durst talks about his time in Los Angeles and gives his thought on the city's real estate, opera, and efforts to land a professional football team. "Your political and business leaders have chosen to fight rather than agree to disagree and there was no football," he said, likely referring to the failure to bring an NFL team to L.A.

He said he's a fan of L.A. opera, but he didn't fuck with controversial production of Wagner’s Ring Cycle because of its "absurd costumes and sloped stage, a true example of Hollywood gone berserk."

When he lived in L.A. part-time from 2008-2011 he had an apartment in West Hollywood. "I loved watching the traffic come up La Cienega and mush into Santa Monica, hated L.A. traffic which makes Houston seem like a small town," he said. 

His murder charges, however, weren't discussed—which will make his attorney happy. "I have said nothing about charges, crimes or trials," he said. "If you decide to use any of this, which is okay, please make the above clear."

You can read the letter in its entirety here