Kevin Hart might be the comedian of the new school, but it’s only right that we pay respect to the man who ran an entire decade. Today marks the 50th birthday of Martin Lawrence, pioneer of the beady bead insults and shameless “Get to steppin’!” mantra. 

Whether you've been following him since his appearance as Cee in Do the Right Thing or while he was running the airwaves on WZUP, there's no doubt that during his nearly 30-year career he's been the cause of many sore cheeks and pinched bladders. 

At 50, Lawrence is still going strong with no signs of slowing down. Starring in Partners with Kelsey Grammer and revealing talks of a third installment of Bad Boys, it looks like Martin will be around for a few more decades. To celebrate the comedian turning the big 5-0, here are 25 of Martin Lawrence’s funniest moments.