During his recent visit to the Opie & Jim Norton Show, Louis C.K. spoke extensively on his increasingly complicated relationships with what are likely two of your favorite things in this cruel, cruel world — weed and Twitter. "[Twitter] didn't make me feel good," the comedic auteur explained. "So, I stopped doing it." Louis also considers Twitter to be the "worst case scenario" for comedy, calling the platform "too instant."

As for the Twitter-improving magic of weed, Louis was equally cautious regarding his affiliation.

"I do very little [weed]. It's like every couple weeks. I'm very paranoid about drug use. If I get high like twice in a week, I'm like 'I have a problem' and I stop. Because I don't think it's good for comics — getting high. It takes your will away and it makes you too comfortable. So I don't do it a lot, and I got kids, [so] I can't be fucking around with that shit. But once every couple weeks, [I] smoke a little marijuana. I bought a big thing of marijuana like 10 years ago, so I smoke very old marijuana. It's really old and dusty."

This shouldn't come as too big of a surprise to those who actually watch Louie, particularly season four's two-part pot-centric episode "In the Woods."